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Becoming of Us

Dreams can come true. Some believe they have to wish upon a star. Others believe praying will help solve problems. And the rest just play with what comes along. For a group of random individuals dreams become reality but as expected. For what seemed to be just a normal rain cloud one night proved to be the start of the 26. Some stories begin before the beginning but we don’t have time for back stories. It’s their futures that are most important.

Unfinished project

George and Juliet

I had just gone to the shop before closing. I had needed milk for my breakfast the next morning and tea for my girlfriend and I after her trip home from her parents. I hadn’t gone because I had work and someone has to bring the money in. I just caught the shop before it closed and it was pouring down with rain. Little did I know what the rain would eventually do to me? I ran home only five minutes up the road, wearing shorts strangely but I had all my trousers in the wash. Altogether this event was surprising coincidental with everything happening just at that moment. I keep thinking to myself that if one thing had been different none of this would ever have happened. But it did. I left the shop after the shopkeeper told me it was closing time. I had to face the rain so ran up the road to my house trying not to slip. About a minute from my house I felt what seemed like a small stone hit my leg and instantly thought it was beginning to hail. I ignored it and ran inside struggling to find my key. I got inside put the milk in the fridge and dried myself off with a kitchen towel. I got a text from my girlfriend Juliet that she was a few minutes away from home and asked to put the kettle on. Being already in the kitchen I started making the tea and checked outside to check up on the hail. There was no sign of hail through the darkening evening and the rain was just clearing up. My leg felt slightly itchy and a little red mark had appeared. I ignored it as it was very faint and thought it was probably a bug bite or something similar. I heard the door unlock ad Juliet came through. She asked if I saw the fireworks earlier. I felt confused, as I knew it had been raining all night but just disagreed with her. She mentioned they were unusual through the rain but interestingly gold and white. I continued to make the tea whilst listening to her. We talked for a while in the living room whilst having the TV on the background that soon became what we were most interested in. Juliet kept mentioning why on the news everyone was speaking English instead of his or her countries languages. I didn’t know what to respond, as I couldn’t quite hear them. But the conversation came to a halt when she heard a sound in the kitchen. We got up and carefully walked in the room and looked about for the noise. There was nothing moving from what we could see and the window was tightly closed. We started to return to the living room when a clang was heard above us. We both looked up and saw a spoon floating above us. Both of us were very confused. I could the tea stain across the spoon, the spoon I had used about an hour ago to stir the tea. I reached up and grabbed it. Juliet watching cautiously. I brought it down of which it sat nicely in my hand with no weight whatsoever. I let go of it to see what would happen. It floated for a few seconds and I wondered why it wouldn’t fall to the ground. The minute I thought this, it fell to the ground. We both jumped and I picked up the spoon. Its weight had returned to the spoon and we both were speechless as to what we had both witnessed. We headed to bed confused and questioned each other about the spoon. We brushed our teeth and got ourselves ready into bed and soon both went to sleep to have one of the first of our new dreams.


I was just to shut the shop up when a young man walked in wet as ever. Bought some milk then just stood in the doorway. I told him to get out. I was about to head home and just put on a scary movie and he was just standing there. So I did the till and went outside to close the storage boxes quickly. Strangely went for the door, something hit my hand and dissolved into it. It was too dark to see but when I got inside my hand was red and starting to get itchy. Must have scratched it for a while but I wasn’t sure what it was at the time. I closed the shop up turned off the lights and headed upstairs. Put on the DVD and turned off the lights. An hour in I got a text message from my brother telling me something weird was happening and he was coming over but I just replied and said I was ill because I didn’t want the bother. I put my down phone looked up at the screen and a face suddenly appeared. I jumped and a bright light appeared from me. The floor was cindering. I turned on the light and a round black burn was on the floor. I looked at my hands which were fine. I looked around to see if anything had blown but nothing. Everything was fine but the little smoking patch on my floor. I sat down and watched the rest of the film but fell asleep half way through leaving me to dream like I’ve never dreamt before.


Hi my name is Penelope but my friends call me Penni. I am nine years old and have a secret. Not long ago I saw a flash in the garden and went out to see what it was. Mummy had told me to go to bed but I wanted to see what it was. Mummy and daddy came out later too. It was raining so I picked up a dinner tray to cover my head and quickly put my wellies on. I went outside and looked around the garden. I heard a scream from the roadside and went to have a look. I walked around the house through the gate and looked at the road. There was a woman sitting on our wall with her head down. I banged on our window to tell daddy but they both came rushing outside to me and something hit my hand making me drop the tray. I pointed at the woman who had started limping away. Mummy told me to leave it and we started to go back inside. Daddy went back to gate and mummy helped me inside. When we got in my my fingers were itchy and mummy put some cream on them and then put me to bed. When she was out of the room I looked out the window to see if the woman was there but she wasn’t. I saw a little flower bouncing on my window like it was trying to get in. I opened the window and the flower got bigger. I loved it. I picked the flower and put it in my pencil pot with a bit of water and left the window open slightly. Then I got back into bed to go to sleep and had an amazing dream.


I love Claire. She loves me. We never keep secrets from each other. We share everything. Especially something that happened to us recently. Not so long ago I met Claire. Claire was sitting alone in a bar and I walked up to her and got to know her. A few dates later and she asked me to be her girlfriend and of course I said yes. We live down the road from each other. I want to ask her to move in with me as I have a cosy little flat and she still lives with her parents. I just need to find the right time. So as I say we tell each other everything. Even the confusing things. Not too long ago I was on my balcony having a quick cigarette before bed when something hit me hard on the head. I was knocked out for about ten minutes before waking up. I checked the bathroom mirror and my head was fine. Didn’t leave any marks and I actually felt fine. I got a glass of water and headed for bed. I got an hours sleep before being woken up, being a light sleeper. I heard Claire. I switched on my light and there she was sitting there looking at me surprised. I asked her how she got in my flat and then I heard my fridge door slam. I got out of bed to see what it was but Claire tried to stop me. She had longer hair than usual which was strange as I had only seen her a few hours ago. I pushed past her being a stronger woman than her and to my surprise I saw myself eating part of my chocolate cake I made the day before. I didn’t understand. I demanded to know questions but she said was “put her under” to Claire. I turned to Claire and asked her what was going on. She told me she was sorry and put her hand to my head. I instantly felt drowsy and saw Claire and the mystery me put me back into bed as I fell asleep without any knowledge of what had just happened.

Freddi and Franki

So we are twins. Franki is my sister and I’m Freddi. Err.. We.. Were.. Coming back from our aunts house and it was raining and we were getting on quite well and then there was some of these golden fireworks and something big happened. We watched them and I watched Franki carry on walking when some shiny rock hit her head and I shouted at her. She didn’t believe and we started to fight in the rain. She marched home and I slowly followed behind. It was strange because it didn’t feel like it was raining. I wasn’t wet when I got in even though my hoody and jeans were drenched. My skin was soft and dry. Our mum had a go at us for being out in the rain. We just ignored her. We headed upstairs to play on the xbox and were playing for a good few hours. Mum again told us off for being on so late. We ignored her. When she left we were about to carry on but Franki sneezed and her hair caught fire. I immediately shouted and went to pat it down and my hands turned black and blocky. I pulled away, her hair still alight with her noticing her shoulder on fire. She ran to the curtains to put it out whilst I stared at my hands and they faded back to their normal state. I was proper confused and ignored Franki’s screaming. I went into the bathroom and filled the sink with water. I put my hand in and waited for change. As I pulled it out my hand was as dry as bone. I heard my mum scream at Franki for being so loud and knew she wouldn’t believe her stories or mine at that. I brushed my teeth and went to bed. Franki and I talked for a while about what happened. She didn’t believe me because she was focused on her hair. Her hair was fine by the way. Not a single cinder exactly like it was before. She fell asleep first, and then I. And when we woke up. It started to make sense.


You’d be surprised at what people wish for. Before this whole fiasco, I’d have wished for money, for fame, for glory.. Actually I’d probably just stick for something like a nice house with a partner and a good job with a family, the normal life. Who knew I’d actually be living a beautiful yet strange lifestyle.
It all started not so long ago when I was at a friends house. He was ready to go out with some friends, but I wasn’t feeling up for it, and instead went home. I also didn’t feel like heading out in the pouring rain to be soaked in a night club or similar. So I headed home about the same time as my friend went to meet up with the rest of the group. I headed back to my flat and then heard what sounded like a gunshot behind me. As I turned around slowly, I heard a cat screeching on the opposite side of the road. The gunshot appeared to be an explosion of gold rocks in the sky. I saw everything, then scatters of them falling slowly in different places, I thought I saw one hit the man that let the cat in that was screeching, but thought I had been mistaken. I turned around and felt slightly different, like my mind had just completely opened up to new possibilities. I wanted to see everything, to know everything, but most of all, I wanted to get out of the rain, so carried on home. It wasn’t much longer until I reached home. I took some paracetamol and headed to watch some TV, only to fall asleep in front of it, in the dark. During the night, I thought I heard noises, but what was I to expect from the dream that put everything together.


There were seven of us at the time. I had called some friends up to go out clubbing for a night out. My friend, Kieran had just left my house as he wasn’t feeling too well, I went up to meet the rest of the gang. I met up with them and then we ran down the hill towards Sambuca, our favourite nightclub in town. Some of us had already been drinking and when we saw the fireworks we all cheered and watched them. I felt different after, but I had been drinking so I assumed it was the alcohol. We started running through the rain to the club. When we got in, it was packed and despite being totally soaked, we enjoyed ourselves. I got some drinks and danced for a bit with everyone and headed to the smoking area to smoke. After smoking, everything slowed down, I walked in everyone was dancing and drinking slowly, the music too. It wasn’t as if everyone was purposely doing it, I saw a drink float across the room, from someone slowly throwing it. I could see the droplets in mid air. I stopped to watch, but everything sped up again. I started to dance and it slowed again. I was all very confusing. I went to find people. Oscar and Melody were sitting down looking at Melody’s hand, I went over and asked them what’s happening, but they didn’t respond, I was starting to panic slightly as to what was happening. I saw a couple fall over in slow motion, the scream heightening in volume, slow motion, hitting the floor. I saw Tyrone, and ran to him, and all of a sudden he disappeared. I ran outside, the bouncer was stopping someone from going in and they were in mid air trying to get in. The queue was still, not doing much, but still in slow motion. I ran around town seeing what other things were like. I saw the clock on the bell tower. It had only been 20 minutes since I left the house and I knew it took about 15 minutes to get into town, I thought it had stopped, but soon saw other clocks in shops and on watches as I walked past people. I hadn’t noticed the rain. It was strange. When I stopped I could see the water droplets fall slowly, this is when I noticed something was seriously wrong. I ran back to the club, easily drifted past the still bouncer and went to the bar. I waited to get a drink but with time so slow, I had to steal someone else’s drink, and drink it. The drink was fine. The vodka and coke moving as fast as normal. I tested to see what would happen if I dropped it. As soon as I let go, the glass started to drop, the drink scattering but falling slowly. I went to grab the glass, and it sped up again. I gave it back to the guy and headed back. This wasn’t fun at all, and I had no idea what was happening. I headed back straight away through the rain. The TV was the same, as well as the water and instead headed to bed. I wasn’t drunk, wasn’t tipsy, but got to sleep.


We were having a great time, I went to go buy a drink so went to walk to the bar, but I blacked out and was already there. I turned around to go to the dancefloor, and was there as quick as a flash. Someone pushed past me, but I was busy dancing and drinking. Needed the toilet and ended up in a cubicle in an instant, my eyes couldn’t adjust to the light quick, but I saw someone being sick in the cubicle I was in, so left asap. I went to the toilet and then appeared on the dancefloor again, then at the bar, then on the dancefloor. My head was throbbing. I decided to go outside, but was already there. I had been drinking so I assumed I was just drunk, headed inside and ignored the blackouts. At one point I was outside again. I saw Oscar and Melody close to each other down the street, but went back inside. After a while the drink took over, and I was already home. I got into bed and went to sleep.

Oscar and Melody

While we were in the club, things got a bit messy. Matt had already got stuck in, being a bit drunk at the time. I hadn’t drank anything, so started to make my way to the bar. It was busy so I started to push people. Normally I’m not a strong guy, but people seemed to budge quite easily and got to the front of the queue quite easily. I was with Melody so I bought her and myself a drink, I went to grab them and they smashed straight away. They got us more drinks, of which I did exactly the same. People started to stare and Melody had shards of glass in her hand. I left the drinks and took her to a quiet area. When we sat down, she looked at her hand and the glass had gone, along with the blood and cuts. I was surprised but Melody went with it as she had already been drinking. I checked her hands again, because of the low lighting but she kept saying she was fine. She got up, then sat back down, and was back to her usual self. Sober Melody is quite shy, whereas when she’s drunk, she’s all giggly and outgoing. It was as if the alcohol had just drained out of her. We went to get drinks again, of which they gave us plastic cups instead, and we started to drink. I kept getting more drinks, but after a few Melody wanted to leave. I finished my drink and left with her. I was a bit tipsy when we got outside and tripped up onto the floor. Melody pulled me up, as the floor cracked as I fell. I was concrete but I didn’t really care at the time. As I got up, I patted Melody on the back softly but she fell forward too. I helped to pick her up and she had a graze on her head. I pulled her into the light to have a look at her head, and I watched as the graze disintegrated on her forehead. Her head was as good as new. I looked at her. She looked slightly different to when we had left. Her hair was no longed dyed at the tips, and her face was amazingly healthy. She had a few drinks but it was like she was on water all night. She turned her head in sadness and I asked what was wrong. She told me her scar was gone, I knew which scar she meant. When she was younger, her and her brother were in a car accident, resulting in his death, and a scar down stomach and leg. She pulled up her top and I saw her stomach. There was nothing there. Pure healthy skin rather than a ripped white line. She was upset, as she felt the scar was her mark to remind her of her brother. She sorted out her top, when I noticed something on her. I told her to pull it up slightly and saw what looked like a tattoo on her back. It was a black circle with the infinity symbol in the middle. I asked her what it was, but she looked confused at me. She said she’d look at it when she got home, and we walked back in the rain together.

Anna and Indigo

So I’ve got to describe the worst day followed by the best night? You know what skip the day, I’m going to describe the night. So I got in from the rain, and headed to the kitchen to just get out a drink, because I had a terrible day, and while I was stood there drinking it, I stretched my fingers, and little sparks weaved in between them. I was surprised but excited. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I wanted to see if what I thought was actually happening. I turned to the mirror and made my hands into gun shapes to shoot the mirror, and BAM! Flows of electricity flew out from my fingers. Happy emotions running through my head, like was this actually happening. I’d seen it in the movies, but seriously, here, in real life. I tried again and again, breaking mirrors and windows. I shot the light too and the electrics went down. I tripped the fuse, everything was fine. My sister Indigo had got in too from a night with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend walked home. She headed for the kitchen and looked at the mess I made. She was screaming and shouting for me. I told her it was ok, and showed her what I could do. She was major freaked out and backed away into the TV, which just turned on with a horror movie showing. She went to turn it off but it did it before she got to the button. She asked if that was me, but I told her no and suggested maybe she had a power. I told her to try and turn it on with her mind. It worked! She did it. Her hand was still on the TV though so maybe it was only a  touch-only power, but it worked (she tried with her hand off and it didn’t). So she went around touching things to turn them on, and they worked. Our toaster which normally you have to push down to activate, did it itself. She was saying things like “on” and “off” but after a while she didn’t even have to say anything. She held her head and said she has a text from her boyfriend asking about strange things. Her phone went off and she read it aloud to me, pretty much repeating what she had just said before the text got in. She didn’t even need her phone, she had it in her mind before she got it. This was awesome. We headed to bed, smiling.


I was in my flat, which is the top floor of a modern apartment block. I was looking out of the window when fireworks suddenly went off and in front of me, smashing my window and hitting my head, a gold rock flew in. As I woke up from concussion, I had a red mark on my forehead. I noticed the wet patch from the broken window, and went to get duct tape to seal up the broken window. I stood in the water, making sure not to slip and sealed the window. I went to get a mop to clear it up and nothing was there. I went to clear my head, so I splashed some water across my face. I watched in the mirror as the water dissolved into my face and the red mark disappeared. I ran the water again, held my hands under the tap for a few seconds and saw part of the water dissolving into my hands. I slammed my hands on the sink shouting “NO!” and the water stopped. It just stopped in motion. I could drift my hand through the still stream with no effect. I put my hand on the tap to turn it off, but it was stuck. I tried hard to turn it off and it felt cold. I scrunched my eyes up not noticing the coldness, then opened them after my failing attempts and was in shock to see the water, taps and most the sink covered in frost and ice. The water had frozen solid. The wall behind the sink was slowly frosting up and as I looked into the sink mirror, I could see my breath. I went back into my bedroom, and felt warm again. I left my teeth and just got straight into bed ready to sleep.


It was getting late but I had finally arrived at the house. I moved a few boxes into the house, quickly to avoid the rain. Something whisked past me but I assumed it was a bat. Ignoring it I ran inside with my boxes and started to make my bed. Most of my stuff was being sent over the next day so only brought the essentials and a few extra bits. I put my phone on charge and headed downstairs to make some pasta. I could feel a slight draught on my face and looked around for open windows. Nothing around but continued making dinner. I heard my phone go off and headed upstairs. I heard something slide around on the laminate flooring and checked downstairs for any interference. Nothing again. My stomach grumbled and instantly knew I was hungry. I heard the pan crash down and stopped on the spot. As I headed downstairs I could hear the wind outside brushing the bushes against my window. I ran into the kitchen to find a trail of pasta spilling from the saucepan heading in a spiral movement. I checked around the house and all the doors an windows, cupboards and all. Nothing. I picked up the pasta and started again. This time not leaving the kitchen. The house was cool like a summer breeze was constant throughout but ignored it and carried on my evening. Everything as normal.


I’m constantly nervous. Always wondered what people say about me. Constantly wishing I knew what they thought about me. But I never wanted that wish to come true. But it did.
I was walking home one night. After a few drinks with some people from work. It was raining. There weren’t many people about. There was an explosion. I jumped and turned around. I saw a golden rock fly towards me. I screamed. I tried to run but tripped on the curb. I didn’t know I was in the road. I hit my leg on the pavement and dragged myself to a nearby wall. I looked at my knee. A door opened behind me. I didn’t turn round. A man and a woman were talking. They were worried about their child. I heard her. The girl. She sounded worried for me. I looked up through the rain. I closed my eyes. Voices trickled through my mind. I couldn’t quite hear what each one was saying. They were quite muffled. I recognised some.
I opened my eyes. The voices faded away. I got up and started to walk home. Limping through the rain. Thinking of Claire and the little worried girl.


I had just walked Indigo to her door when it all started. The moment I left their road, the ground shook beneath my feet. I fell to my knees soaking them in puddles that scattered across the pavement. I got up and carried on walking. I quickly texted Indigo to see if she was ok. She instantly replied she was fine. I carried on heading home and about 5 minutes from my house there was another shake this time tearing the road apart. I ran away in hope I’d be safe as I had never experienced an earthquake before. I got in and texted Indigo asking if she had felt anything just then. She replied soon after asking if strange things were happening to me. I said that there were earthquakes. She explained what happened to her and Anna after when she called me. I thought those were much better abilities that an earthquake shaker and headed to bed.  I checked the road before bed, split in two with a chasm in between. I tried waving my hands to push each side together but nothing happened so I went to bed to calm down.


I was settling down for an early night as I had to get to work in the morning and nothing really prevented me to stay up tonight. I got ready for bed but instantly remembered the bins had to go out and chucked my raincoat and boots on quickly. I ran outside with the rubbish and ran back again slipping on the wet grass. I then headed to bed throwing everything across my hall. I got to my room and threw my clothes off, got into bed then reached for the light whilst glancing around my room. I stared at my tea. I made a tea just before bed to drink in bed. It shook slightly. I kept staring. It started to levitate. I blinked my eyes for a few seconds make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I forgot about the drink and turned off the light. I heard the cup spill over and turned my light back on. Tea spilled across the table top and I ignored it and fell straight to sleep

Unfortunate Habits

Two months on and I’ve captured four so far. Amazingly I’m still learning of my ability. It has its weaknesses but luckily they’re on my side. The outlaws are starting to outnumber us, but most of them haven’t fallen for my tricks yet. I’ve been building traps. My ability, adaption, lets me purge objects and places with my gift, so I can create rooms that some can’t escape. I have Primrose, Matt and Grant within my grasp and one other.
Harriet is my exception. Her time travel is ineffective, but I caught her when she was older, and much more experienced. I have her future caught, but her past is still out there fighting back. Fortunately her younger self doesn’t know of her future existence yet, or at least I don’t think so. Time travel is hard to adapt to. Harriets cage is very dark. I know she is in there, but she uses trickery to lure you in. I try to avoid it.
Primrose is a fighter. She doesn’t give up. I remember in the beginning her and my sister had a battle of the elements, but she lost. Kieran worked out her weaknesses from that battle which has helped when building her cage. My adaption ability has had to create a seal around every hole so she can’t escape in her water form, however she needs holes to breathe, otherwise air can’t get in. The adaption seal creates holes for air to escape and enter, but if the slightest bit wet, will seal back up again to stop anything else from escaping. It’s cleverly done, and took a lot of work, but is not perfect. It has flaws of which I’m working on to improve, but it’s hard work adapting to everything at once, in case of attack.
Grant was easy to trap, his slow movements meant we could attack at any moment, however his strength was our weakness. Oscar helped out by performing as bait. His strength led Grant into our trap forcing his ground shaking abilities to halt. We needed earth in his trap so he had somewhere to lure him, so we used the garden. The cage he is in, has a bit of dirt in it, but the adaption seal runs underneath a centimetre of dirt meaning no access to any other ground texture. He can control the earth within his cage, but none of the dirt outside. From what we’ve seen, his ability allows him to convert dirt into any earth element including sand, stone and glass. I made his cage shatterproof stopping access in and out of his cage. Only I can get through. His weakness is air. Air molecules can pass through his cage with ease meaning he can breathe and the grass can live. And although his cage is outside, we have built a shed over his trap so there is no obvious contact with anyone outside.
Matt is the last one. His is quite simple. We needed a cage where he couldn’t escape so we created a hamster-ball-like cage for him to run around in. The inside of the cage is heat resistant so no friction overheats it. It is also wear resistant so he can run as much as he wants. However, he cannot run long distances as the ball is in the basement. The basement has solid steel girders all around it shaped in a maze. The room has no lighting so he cannot see his way around. The room has a pulley hatch for meals. Objects that are loose automatically get sucked up into the ball like a vacuum. Certain objects can escape when an object is activated inside. For example when he’s on the toilet.
And that’s all that has happened so far. I do know I am weak against energy based abilities like Brian, Mizuki and Padma.


Being on the run is hard work. After the outbreak of some of our powers being shown to the public we are made to be kept hidden from everyone as well as those who believe our powers should be used to help others. I have electrokinesis, the power to create electrical matter. From my view it has no good use whatsoever but Kieran is determined to find everyone’s true place. To me destiny is something we create, not manufactured out of our strengths and weaknesses. Which is why I’m on my own. Friends and family can stuff it. I’m the one who has to face this strange new reality and create something from it. And if I have to take a criminal route then so be it. It’s just the way things have to be.
I have found that I can shoot electricity like a child would shoot with his fingers at enemies. It’s easy. I focus my eyes on the target and shoot with my hands. I can also power up: if I bring my hands together I can charge the electricity between them, then shoot by turning my hands towards the target. Any longer than 5 seconds of charging, could burn anyone to crisp instantly. Stuff pyrokinetics, a good charge of electricity can kill a man in a second. And when it rains, oh how it rains. Electrostorms are my speciality in a battle. Controlling the static through a storm of clouds is brilliant. Thunder is no longer random, for I control it now. Basically, don’t get on the bad side of me!


I don’t have mind reading abilities but when you understand every language you feel like you do.
It’s hard to be alone. George doesn’t understand. I need to be kept away from every living thing. There’s always a spider crawling down the window making equations as it spins it’s web. There always a dog walking past excited about the next lamppost or grass patch. Even the fish in the river, stupid as they may be, they’re always saying swim swim swim. At the start it was just the translations of humans and I thought that was strange. But animals too. And visually too. The markings around the place, everything translates to English, it’s annoying and stressful to keep up with everything at once.
And on that note. I’ve changed my mind about children. I can’t have one when I’m like this. I know George wants to be a dad but once the babies are out, I understand what they are truly trying to say and to be honest, I’d prefer mumbles and screams.


I’m living air. I am the wind. I carefully watch upon those that do not wish to be found. Those who don’t want to share their secrets. I watch them all. Secretly. If I make a sound they will know. But I am their guardian. I cannot stop until everyone is safe for I know the present isn’t brilliant. And the past has been confusing. But the future will be our victory. We will learn. I may not be able to predict the future but I have sources who say that it will be bright. Hopefully all will understand that everything is going to be ok. I am Dylan. I am the air. I control the oxygen you breathe. The gases you emit. I can stop your enemies. There’s no stopping what I can see. I must seek Claire for some more answers.

The Future

Our future depends on our choices. None of us made the choices to obtain these abilities. Especially me. Everyone comes to me for the future and I tell them everything is going to be ok. But not anymore. I’ve come back. Harriet has time travel. I have dream manipulation and precognition. I have come back from the future to tell you all this so you can change this world. Our powers were given to us not but choice. But by chance. You must keep searching the future for answers and only use Harriet as a backup plan. Harriet cannot keep coming back to the past. We step on too many butterflies and there’s no going back for us. Remember this dream. Learn about your power before its too late. Do not find excuses to ignore what’s happening to you or you will end up like me. I will not speak again. After our journey around the specials, we will never return. Time travel has its toll and you must not fall into its hands. Protect yourself. A worse future is still in the midst. Good luck


It’s been a while since I got my powers and I’m surprised by how much fun I’ve had. Grant has been helpful too though recently I haven’t seen much of him. He’s taught me how to control the plants around me and also what grows underneath the river and the earth. The plants are my friends and I’ve built my own little kingdom within a hollow tree I grew. Grant wanted to teach me how to fight with my ability but I didn’t listen and now he’s gone and they could be after me now. I use my kingdom as a secret hideaway because the bad men are trying to collect us to take us away. I should have listened to Grant. He’s helped me, he saved my parents from the electric girl. I wish I could find him again. It’s getting dark. Time to head home. I have a swing made from ivy. It would break if anyone else uses it but my power keeps it alive. Grant said I should stick to grassy routes home and my swing is a direct jump into my back garden. I create large soft mushrooms to stop me from falling hard on the ground from the swing and I have thorn bushes, nettles and Venus fly traps to protect me should I ever get scared. I live my power and I hope no one ever takes it away from me.

Ghost of yet to come

I’m trapped. This isn’t my time. I’m 27 and trapped in 2051. Technically I should be 67 years old but with time travel I can be anytime. Problem is I made an error. I’m now stuck in old trap that was set by Freddi long ago. I can’t get out and this town is long deserted now. Something happened here. Something bad. There’s nothing I can do. I’m not sure what has happened either because it hasn’t happened in my past. Luckily I can see outside the trap. I’m in the high street. Shop windows are smashed, the pavements are cracked and the shop down the road has collapsed across the street. The fountain in the square no longer works and the plants have overgrown across the ruins of the shops rubble. In front of me some of the pavement dust swirled around in the wind and two feet appeared. I started looking up and instantly recognised myself in the same attire as I’m currently wearing. She told me to stop time. The bubble isn’t fully working anymore and I’ll be able to slip out and I did. She told me to time travel back a few minutes to tell me what I did to restore time. And as I did I soon became her. Time is funny like that. In a way I’ve cheated and created a small paradox but even so I’m not really bothered so I’m heading back to the present to stop this madness. I just need Claire.

Colourful Mess

Brian met Kieran at the park. It was a pretty ordinary afternoon and not many people were around. They sat at a bench, the trees waving behind them.
“Tell me what’s happening,” Kieran began turning staring into Brian’s eyes.
“Well, I have more control now. But the colours are confusing.”
“What colours do you know so far?”
“Here I’ll show you.” Brian checked the area, no one was around.
“Blue.” He clenched his hand and a blue light shot from his hand and forged into a sword like image. Still glowing blue, Brian swung it to the ground, piercing the concrete pavement with blue sparks fleeing from the sword. He unclenched his hand and the sword shattered and faded away into the ground.
“Wow. Is this..?”
“There are more. Green.” Brian raised his hand towards a can left on the floor just yards away from the bin. As a child would whilst playing Cowboys and Indians, he formed a gun out of his fingers and pretended to shoot. A green bullet shot from his hand into the can, tossing it across the grass.
“Oh my.”
“White.” He raised two fingers into the peace sign and a thin white ribbon appeared between his fingers. With his other hand he pulled back on the ribbon and a white dart merged from his fingers. He let it go but kept a hand out as of he was controlling the dart in the air. It flew around the field in front of them and soon forked into a tree, shattering seconds after.
“They all shatter apart from black.” Brian held out his hand palm up and a black sphere spiralled into existence. He threw the bomb towards the bin. On impact it exploded shooting the contents of the bin across the field in front of them. A passing dog walker on the other side of the grass turned his head but ignored it.
“How many more?”
“Yellow. Don’t look directly at me. Just look towards the path but keep me in the corner of your eye.” Kieran turned his head away. A few seconds later, a flash of yellow light shot across him and Kieran had to close his eyes as of he was blinded for a second.
“A quick glance at my eyes could blind someone which is why you couldn’t see me.”
“Thank you”
“But anyway. Orange.” Brian held out his hands. He closed his eyes to focus and an orange glow appeared from his hands. The glow started to liquefy but form a barrier in front of them. He pulled his hands away and the orange barrier shattered like the the others.
“A shield?”
“Yeah. I don’t know what purple does yet but it makes discs that float in the air but they don’t shatter until something goes through it. But I don’t know what it does yet.”
“Ok. Any more?”
“Only red.” Brian stretched his arms above his head. A burst of red energy shot from his palms high into the sky. They were shocked but watched as it hit a passing plane.
“FUCK!” The backend of the plane exploded. Pieces flying everywhere, flames bursting from the scene. Then as they watched, everything became still. The fire stopped spreading and pieces of the plane stay still mid air. Brian was shocked but Kieran stayed focus carefully watching. All of a sudden, the flames shrunk towards the plane. The pieces flew back towards the plane and slowly moving backwards the plane pieced itself together again. Once built it slowly came to a halt and began flying as usual. It disappeared like normal past the trees and was out of sight for Brian and Kieran. Brian looked back towards Kieran but he was gone. No sign of him in the park at all. He didn’t even hear him get up. Confused Brian left the park and trotted back home. He received a text from Kieran.
–Sorry. Had to do something. Work on purple. It does something and you need to figure this out. Also check if there are anymore colours. Pink? Grey? Brown? Try thinking about them and focusing on the colour, it will make you stronger. Good luck and text me updates. Thanks. K–
Brian headed back the the corner shop, he picked up some chocolate on the way in and headed up to his flat. He proceeded to watch some tv and thought he should work on these powers later.