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Kickstarted product finally arrives!

In April 2015, I backed a project called Imbue on Kickstarter. Initially hoping to get it in October 2015, I thought this would be a great flask I could use in my new house. However production was slow and finally, in September 2016, I finally got my product. However, a month before, the company behind the design sent emails out telling people not to use the product as people were reporting theirs as defective. I testing mine with hot and cold water in the sink but feel lucky that mine doesn’t appear to suffer from the problems. But this didn’t mean the product was not what I was expecting.

Imbue out of the box

Add the loose tea

Brewing in the jar

Drinking the tea

What do I like about Imbue?

  • Love the design. Part of the reason I bought it. I like the rustic look. I love jars and wood, it has that natural feel.
  • It holds a lot of tea! Very important to a tea lover
  • Easy to clean
  • Easier that using a teapot, especially for someone who lives on their own.
  • There were a small amount of tea leaves that escaped the strainer, although this is better than all my other strainers I’ve used
  • Packaging was perfect, it travelled from China to the USA to the UK in a cardboard box. I doubt I got lucky with the transitioning between countries, and I’m sure the packaging has been design to keep the glass safe without the need of plastic. Recycled materials too is always a bonus.


What do I not like about Imbue?

  • The fabric shields you from the heat but not by much. It’s not far from my kitchen to my desk, but I had to put the Imbue down for a moment as it was too hot to carry.
  • If you fill it to the top, and keep the lid on, you end up dripping it when you take it off. I like a tea at my computer desk, which is covered in electronic devices. I don’t really want to be dripping tea everywhere.
  • I have to use a large spoon to stir. Normal mugs a teaspoon can manage the height and stir-ability, but you need a long handled spoon for this.
  • You have to really make sure the lid is on properly. There is not much threading around the rim of the jar so you really need to make sure it aligns correctly and securely fastens before you tip it.
  • You have to get used to the threading when drinking as well
  • Rubber in lid fell out after washing. I honestly didn’t know where this came from when I first saw it, but I knew it couldn’t have come from any of my older kitchen things because I’d never seen it before. I actually put it back in the wrong way round first and the magnets weren’t working too well. It fits perfectly in but falls out. Unsure if it’s supposed to do that?

Added the hot water

Magnetically sits in the lid

Box travelled from China to USA to UK safely

My own Rose Tea

All in all…

I guess I need more experience using the product to see how it truly is. For my first drink, I definitely had too much tea in there, if I fill it to the top of the sleeve that may be enough for me. Although it will still be too hot to hold, and therefore I doubt I’ll be taking it out the house at all. But that’s not such a bad thing, a product made of glass – it might be best to only use it if I’m in on my own and want a loose tea drink.

If I knew all this before, I probably wouldn’t have kickstarted it however. There are now other products like this on the market for a much cheaper price, and could probably get free shipping too! I’ve had worse and better experiences with Kickstarter, but that’s the game you play!