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Deep in darkness, an unfamiliar ringing sounds, stirring you from unknown nothingness. Light floods through your eyes as you open them, brightness that is unusual to you. A scramble through cloth and cotton as your hand reaches toward the metallic structure. You grab the communication device to reveal information about the world you’re in.

That’s when it hits you.

You’re late.

Your boss is calling you.

You’re late.

The time before that moment is a distant memory. Your senses have sharpened and you’re more awake than you ever have been. You put together the pieces in your head. You must have slept through your alarms. Your boss has been calling your phone and landline to get hold of you. You were so deep in sleep that you forgot to wake up and now you’re in a rush to get to work.

You don’t understand why though.

Or how.

There is no why.

How on earth did you sleep through your alarms? You have set measures to fight them. By setting a device with 4 alarms going off at different times from the across the room and another device in a different location with similar alarms, you’d need to be in two different places at once to turn them off efficiently. All the while you have a radio alarm releasing uncontrollable music and conversation to your ears for half an hour. And you slept through all of that? 45 minutes of alarms? You have never done that? How did you do it? And more importantly how will you make sure it doesn’t happen again?