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1. Capture process

2. Complete tasks

3. Track progress

Step 1. Capture process

Process templates are the blueprints for the way you perform certain processes in your business, such as how you onboard customers or run the monthly finances. They contain a checklist of all the steps that need completing. You can add attachments and request files.

Step 2. Complete tasks

Create, publish and complete tasks from your templates. If you’ve set up a template for onboarding new customers for example, you create a task from that template each time a new customer comes onboard. When the task is published, emails are sent to the people who have an activity to complete and they can tick it off when it’s performed.

Step 3. Track progress

View the report to find out the status of your task. The report shows the steps that have been completed and for those that haven’t, it even captures the reason why. No need to chase colleagues for updates.

Process Bliss facilitates process enablement

Now that’s bliss!

Now all the information you need to perform your processes in one place. It’s easy to share and you have a full audit trail of every time a task is run.

Need more help?

If you get stuck, and need some help, we’ve got you covered. We’ve created a host of ‘How to’s’ and user guides to support you at every stage.

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