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Proposal for DCI Artform

A design and development proposal for DCI Artform. As one of the leading solutions to retail sales design, we designed an idea to create an app for phones and retail stands that allows shoppers to try makeup before they buy. The app would work similar to Snapchat filters; it would map your face and apply the appropriate makeup and styles onto the mirrored image of your face. The stand would sit in retail stores alongside the products. Alternatively you could embed the app into a vending machine which lists the stock available for use in public bathrooms in places such as nightclubs and restaurants.

The app would also be available on phones, showing different versions depending on the type of product you usually buy. Whilst most men would not need the makeup side, an alternative route for review rewards would sit alongside whilst gathering market research.


Client: DCI Artform

Description: Facial Makeup App for Shoppers