Illustration Work

A mix of miscellaneous illustration work I did before and during University

The Birds

I had some ideas to match illustrations of birds with their personalities that I saw them portray in the wild. The pigeon acts as the most important of them all, classing themselves as a higher bird than the rest. The seagull is a mathematician working our the right angles, wind speed, logical paths and trajectory after stealing food from humans. The robin is a greedy bird, always grabbing as much food for winter as possible. The rooks are teachers, showing everyone how it’s done to get food efficiently. The owl is relaxed, not really bothered with life so long as it has a place to sleep. The magpie is a collector of fine goods and shiny objects, it flaunts it’s stuff by performing in the wild. The bluebird is unsocial, never really seen but probably busy tweeting. The sparrow is childish, flying around quickly and playing with other small birds. And the blackbird is a crook, stealing from other birds and is sly around humans when it has the chance.

Lost Mind

After creating some characters for a game that got scrapped, I decided to work on them a bit more and create some characters around myself. The human character is shaped like myself. The robot is my logic, working out a way to survive. The cat is my playfulness, relaxing yet curious of the world around. The blob is my inspiration, the creativity in my life and imagination shaping how I see life. Together they are part of the Lost Mind.

Buzz Off!

Linking to a University project for Dyslexia Action, these creations were a side project that looked at the dirty side of human nature and portrayed in bee form.


Initially an idea to recreate the zebra form without creating any outlines, focusing only on shadow and stripe.

Electric Cats

As a huge Pokemon fan, I created my own Fake-Pokemon, or Fakemon as they’re known. These are some Electric cats, similar to the Shinx-Luxio-Luxray chain, but Electric-Dark type.


As a huge Pokemon fan, I created my own Fake-Pokemon, or Fakemon as they’re known. These are some Fire-Bug Pokemon starting with a maggot and evolving into a firefly.


As a huge Pokemon fan, I created my own Fake-Pokemon, or Fakemon as they’re known. This is Boxroo, a fighting Pokemon. Similar to a kangaroo but with spores on it’s back and boxing gloves as hands. The intention was for it to evolve into a larger Kangaroo with mushrooms on it’s back, a Fighting-Poison type, but I never drew it.

Spots and Stripes

An idea I had to portray the animal kingdom in shadow form using only spots and stripes.

The Bird is the World

An idea for a parody tshirt. The Bird is the Word is a mix of Family Guy and Angry Birds.

Little Elements

I had an idea to create a bunch of Elements then once they merge they produce a different element, for example Sand and Fire would make glass. Here is a collection of the finished elements. From left to right, top to bottom: Electric, Air, Food, Bubble, Plasma, Stone, Fire, Water, Metal, Ice, Rust, Earth, Plant, Sand, Glass.

Pokemon Splices

When I was very young I loved using parts of Pokemon sprites and splicing them together, adding a recolour and creating a new Pokemon. Here is a collection of my better work.