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When life gives you an upgrade, make something happen.

A collection of short stories set in the same universe, some progressing through a plot, some dissociated from others, but all exploring points of view from those developing superpowers!

Updates will be posted on Twitter first (see below)

0001 BOLT

Whilst walking home from work during a storm, I was startled by a crackle behind me. I turned and was surprised to see a lightning bolt creeping towards my umbrella. I immediately let go but it stayed perfectly still in mid-air.

I paused and noticed everything around me. The rain had stopped too, it was still falling albeit very slowly and there was no sound, everything was silent and still. I felt a shudder and wanted to get away from that lightning, so pressed on home. 

As I walked further up the street, a bright white light burst from behind me. It radiantly lit up the street like floodlights at a stadium. As I turned into my driveway, the bolt had struck the now flaming umbrella and surged into the ground.

I started to move towards the house but felt the rain picking up some pace. As the bolt started to fade, a bellowing roar of thunder hit me. I felt myself stagger and fall towards the wooden door blacking out as I hit the doormat.


This must be a dream. I cannot be awake right now. I’m standing over my sleeping body in a skin that doesn’t make sense. I raised my hand and can see the night sky, the stars, moon and space across the shape of my palm. This cannot be me.

The landing light was turned on. Light trickled towards my feet and the stars on my skin twinkled. I could hear my footsteps edging towards the door. As the door slowly opened, I saw my dad with a stern face with my mum cowering behind him.

“What are you doing to my daughter?” My dad asked. I opened my mouth to reply but words did not form. My mum weeped out my name and I turned towards my shifting body. It looked like I was having a bad dream, and I was.

My dad swung his arm at me as I turned, but he passed right through me. He fell into my bookcase crashing books and school trophies down across him. My mother screamed and ran at me too, faking right through me and draped her body across my bed.

As my parents slept, I turned towards my body and touched my hand. My body disappeared and I let out a sigh. I knew where I needed to go now: Back to HOME.

0003 BLOOM

Dear Diary, I know I should tell someone about this, but I know my mum hates people with upgrades. She thinks they think they’re better than us and I’m worried she’ll think the same about me. Diary, I got an upgrade.

When I was doing my homework earlier, the shadows in my room changed. The room got darker and it wasn’t the weather. As I looked up from my work, the windows were covered with leaves, and it looked like they were growing faster.

The window was slightly open and I could see ivy slowly crawling in and towards me. I leapt away and towards the door. The door creaked and the paint started to peel away as small vines grew through it too. I ran to the bed, with vines still creeping towards me.

Further down the vines, leaves were growing and my desk was consumed by the bush. As they edged towards the my bed I screamed “GO AWAY” and hid under the duvet. I heard a lot of rustling and creaking and peeked out. My room was back to normal.

I walked back to my desk thinking I was just seeing things or something but looked at a wilting daisy chain on the desk. As I went to pick it up, it blossomed back and was now growing with life again.

I slipped it back onto my wrist and it tightened itself to me. It actually felt really good rather than constricting me and I felt like I had more energy. I felt ready to tackle the rest of my homework and finished soon after.

It felt like the plants were listening to me and healing me. I felt better when they were closer to me. I opened the window wider and smelled the fresh air. I feel like the plants and I had a connection and hope to practice to see what else I can do with them.