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On Instagram, I’m blogging my journey through my Advent Activities, where I have a small task to do each day on the lead up to Christmas. On the 1st, I needed to watch a Disney movie, so in keeping with the show I performed in over the weekend, I watched this years version of Cinderella with Lily James. Yesterday I needed to write a Christmas poem, to which I intended to create with an alphabet theme but turned into a story of a family’s Christmas day. Below is what I have written:

A cold winters morning, young start to awake
Bouncing on beds, creating a quake
Children excited, all running around
Downstairs they gather at what they have found
Eaten, the cookies, and one glass of milk
For a man had been here, and possibly elk
Gifts start to open, smiles start to grow
Happy, excited, and never a low
In the kitchen, the husband eagerly cooks
Just enough turkey, from recipe books
Knowing the family were soon to arrive
Low and behold, the wife started to thrive
Mum starts to welcome all family with bliss
Nana and cousins, all here without miss
Oven is beeping, and all food is done
Plates are dished out, dinner has begun
Quite a delight, it’s been a long eve
Reluctantly sat, they watch the TV
Sofa-bound family with movies delight
The idea from Papa, a fun board game night
Under laughs, screams and anger, it all ends with glee
Vanquished and tired, the children all flee
Whisked off to bed, kids falling to sleep
X’s are sent, there’s no counting sheep
Young then the older, bed they all are
Zzz’s drift to dreams, best Christmas by far.

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