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When I was ill in March, I turned on the radio to listen to music without lyrics or much talking. I instantly looked for Classic FM. I was in luck too as the next program was dedicated to Video Game Music, music that I have grown up with in the background subconsciously. Since then I’ve been listening to music from games, movies and TV shows, many soundtracks I’m just listening to rather than singing along to. Whilst I have a four hour playlist, there have been a few that I have loved:

The Long Song – Doctor Who (Murray Gold)

Tetris Theme – (London Philharmonic Orchestra and Andrew Skeet)

Alice’s Theme – Alice in Wonderland (Danny Elfman)

Married Life – Up (Michael Giacchino)

The Quidditch World Cup – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Patrick Doyle)

For the playlist I’ve created, see below: