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What if this world was the odd world out.
In a thousand and one dimensions.
For we were the dimension that had a missing person.
A man named Robert Stone.

Now Robert Stone was a powerful man.
He was born in the late 1960’s.
He was clever, he was smart, he had a town to his name.
Because of his wonderful creations.

He created the Internet when he was 8 years old.
Bringing the digital age back by 2 decades.
When he was 10 he had created the first electric car.
But by then he was already worshipped.

In ‘97 a disaster would shake.
A princess would die in a snap.
But Mr Stone had created a virtual device.
That predicted whatever would happen.

It stopped the disasters, freed people from death.
But liberation had already begun.
Too busy saving the lives of others before him.
An attack on the Stone was in planning.

In 2009 when Robert was working.
On a device in his skyscraper lab.
An explosion below took the building by storm.
As the metal and glass flew down.

Luckily for Stone he had preparations before.
In case anyone attempted to hurt him.
His body was fused with what seemed like an airbag.
So that he could eject and float out.

Unfortunately though his work had now gone.
A strange and wonderful new creation.
He never told what he was doing that night.
But in 4 years they had found out.

In 2013 an event finally happened.
An explosion that just couldn’t fail.
On unveiling Stones most secret of builds.
A terrorist army decided to attack.

He never did tell what he had created.
But when he pushed the big button they saw.
An explosion that engulfed the entire population.
Of New York, wiped the city completely clean.

In August that year, the world was now silent.
8 million had lost their own lives.
The terrorist army posted a video online.
That celebrated Mr Stones timely end.

But little did they know that in exactly 10 years.
The city had now tripled and was booming.
A flash of pure light burst from Times Square.
An old man was back on the scene.

A reminder was cast against every living soul.
As cameras had already appeared.
Mr Stone was back from the grave.
Holding a glass ball of shining lights swimming round.

He didn’t know about the year but that didn’t matter.
He began to proceed with a button.
People flinched but they saw some light fly out.
Of the ball and around Robert Stone.

They grew bigger to the size of different human shapes.
And created a flash quick and strong.
But the magic had happened, there were people now there.
The audience of his product unveiling.

As he released all 8million of his little saved lights.
he turned to the camera and said.
“I will forever protect this world from evil.
Try to stop me, and I’ll surprise every one of you.”

He had travelled through time, he had saved millions’ lives.
He could transport matter in tinier form.
He knew the future, he fought against evil.
This man was called Robert Stone.