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Granted I never read the book before seeing the film and I probably wouldn’t because it’s not the sort of book I like to read. It’s not really the sort of film I enjoy, but I saw the film poster of it in the train station and thought I’d give it a try. I do like drama, though not normally history drama. Lack of subtitles, the first half of the film meant missing out on some speeches and having to read the acting, but picking up on facial expressions, I knew what was happening. You don’t even need any german history or german language to understand what was going on; I only know the basics.

I’ve not seen a film where it focuses on the German side. Not even the people fighting, those that were stuck on the German side. The victims of a terrible war. Each of the characters were different from each other, it’s good to see some people who had lost something in their pasts, and some who lost during. There was so much depth to each of the characters and by the ending of the film, you knew all about their lives from just a snippet. The accordion. The chalk. The library. The basement. The snow. The races. The soup. The books. All connections to the stories of characters, and key items throughout the film.

The film was beautiful. I don’t want to read the book because I really did love the film, and if I don’t enjoy reading about history, I don’t want to spoil it. The acting was brilliant. And the story was calm yet tense, upsetting but joyful, grey and colourful, but most of all, it was interesting. A lovely tale of a young girl throughout WWII.



Brilliant Story
Great portrayal of characters
Based off a book


I didn’t have subtitles on