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This weekend just gone D23, the Disney conference, happened. Lots of announcements were made, some I haven’t read about yet. But below are some of the highlights that piqued my interest.

Alice Through the Looking Glass

A date I shall not be late for is the release of the new Alice in Wonderland movie. Honestly, I thought there wasn’t going t be a sequel as the first felt like a sequel to the 1951 classic. But they shall be using time as a plot line in this movie with the addition of the crazy Sacha Baron Cohen as Time himself, it should be interesting.


Only a little was released about this, but it will be based on the Mexican holiday “Día de Muertos” or Day of the Dead. Again, I don’t know much about this so I’m expecting some sort of colourful Nightmare Before Christmas sort of movie.

The Incredibles 2

I always wanted a second Incredibles movie but nothing seemed to surface, until now. Pixar user superheroes how they want to, they don’t have to follow a comic or does it have to have any logic behind it, it just works. So a second movie could actually go anywhere. I’d like them to define Jack-Jack’s powers though, he seemed to be able to do too much in the first movie and following short.


Moana looks exciting though. I’m not someone who fans out on famous voice actors because at the end of the day, they’re contributing a voice, it’s the animation that I love. So when Dwayne Johnson was announced as the demi-god Maui, I was just interested in the demi-god part. I’m looking forward to this movie.

Toy Story 4

It wasn’t a surprise when Toy Story 4 and Cars 3 were announced. I’m interested to see where Toy Story 4 will lead. We know there’s an epic adventure, which if you’ve seen any of the previous films – they’re not short of. We know that it will be about Bo Peep and Woody, which means wherever Bo Peep is, there may be new characters. The cast for Toy Story is so large now, it’s really quite amazing, and I quite like the universe it’s set in.


The Gigantic news was actually released a few days earlier, but I’m happy all the same some Jack and the Beanstalk story will be released.

Disney World

Moving onto Disney World, one of my favourite places in the world. Disney is planning three new sections of parks to be added. Toy Story Land, Star Wars Lands and an Avatar Land. Honestly, I didn’t know Avatar was owned by Disney, but will be interesting to see how they do those floating islands.

Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity next, and I love collecting these little figures (I don’t even play the games?!), so I’m looking forward to who they’ll be bringing in 3.0. I read Peter Pan will be joining the collection, along with some Star Wars characters which I’m not bothered about, Marvel characters which I have enough of, and characters from upcoming movies. I aim to get Peter Pan eventually, although I still need Disgust, Baymax, Jack Skellington and Mulan before any of the future ones.

The Good Dinosaur and Finding Dory

Further news was announced for The Good Dinosaur and Finding Dory, but I don’t want too much spoiled for these movies as they are close coming now. I did like the following image taken from Finding Dory though.


I’m very much looking forward to this. Now I know I said earlier that I didn’t respond much to voice actors, well I lied. I did when I found out Ginnifer Goodwin from Once Upon a Time was playing the rabbit, and so now I’m excited to see what happens with that movie. They also announced that Shakira would be a character, though it was pretty funny to see a sexy Gazelle!

The Jungle Book and The Finest Hours

As expected, Jungle Book sounds amazing. I loved the animation growing up and even saw a stage show earlier in the year. The Finest Hours, I haven’t read but the trailer looks alright. I’ll probably wait until after cinema release to see it but I’d say the trailer is worth a watch.

Beauty and the Beast

Not much was released about Beauty and the Beast. I already knew Emma Watson was playing Belle, and a few other familiar faces would join the cast. I guess the highlight here was the promotion image released. In this image it does say 2016, but everywhere else it is marked as a 2017 release date.