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TIIKI: Such as small planet, why did you choose here in particular?
NIKO: Have you completely forgotten our mission?
TIIKI: No I meant why choose this place, it’s not very busy. Or is this busy for them?
NIKO: It was the most instant place to get to in terms of speed?
SKYE: To be honest we took 30 minutes to get here.
TIIKI: What’s that smell?
SKYE: It’s the pollution, remember they’re still quite young here. It’s a shame, they could grow to be so much more.
TIIKI: Don’t we have enough on our jury already?
SKYE: I know there’s a lot of us, but even so there is still so much potential, especially with their recent progress with technology, they’re rated 3 in the top 10 species tech rates.
TIIKI: Hah. We could teach them now, speed it up a bit.
SKYE: It would ruin their history they’re so passionate about.
TIIKI: Yeah a run in of random spectators that somehow know the solution to global warming, space travel, diseases, and world politics.
NIKO: Stop. We need to work on our disguises. Skye, you do know you’re still hanging.
SKYE: Oh really. Better tuck that in.
TIIKI: I dislike their noses.
NIKO: I dislike their skin but I’m not complaining.
SKYE: Well technically..
NIKO: Ok we need to find our cover stories. Everyone got their tools?
TIIKI: I dropped my collector on the way down so I’ll learn by hand.
NIKO: How slow.
TIIKI: I know but if someone didn’t open the window.
SKYE: Why didn’t they send professionals?
NIKO: Do you know how many civilisations are dying out?
SKYE: I have a spare collector.
TIIKI: Now you tell me.
SKYE: I didn’t want to interrupt.
TIIKI: Do you have a spare for everything?
SKYE: No my batteries are low on my spare.
TIIKI: They’re aren’t charging booths round here
SKYE: Exactly
NIKO: You can charge them the slow way but will take a day their time.
TIIKI: A day?!
NIKO: They’re sun is smaller than ours so their days are much shorter.
TIIKI: How many hours?
NIKO: Just 24
TIIKI: Oh wow that is short
NIKO: Well compared to our 73 of course it is. I’m guessing their weeks and years are shorter too.
SKYE: Yeah 7 days in a week and 52 weeks in year. They also have months but we don’t use them anymore.
TIIKO: 52 weeks, they only have about 350 days in a year.
NIKO: Yep compared to our 1053 they have nothing on us.
SKYE: I don’t think I can even bother to work it out.